Reminiscing about Japan

29 03 2013

A year ago today I was on a flight to Japan.

In the last year I never managed to write a single blog post about my time in Japan. Perhaps I needed time and space to reflect on the experience. A year later, it’s still hard for me to know where to start. Little Ninjas

Going through my many hundreds of photos I’ve begun to categorize them:

Natural Splendor
Historic Cultural Sites
Contemporary City Life
Tasty, Tasty, Food
Amazing Warning Signs
Manhole Covers and Street Art

Categorizing my photos has helped me see that it’s not possible to post about my time in Japan in just one post, it deserves more than that. So, over the next weeks (maybe months) I’m going to write about each category. I’m excited about it! I hope you’ll stay tuned to find out more about my time in Japan. I hope it might prove helpful, even inspirational.





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