Endings and beginnings

23 03 2014

IMG_1221 All beginnings end, leading to new beginnings. The job I consider the beginning of my museum career comes to an end this month. Next month I begin a new job at the University of Colorado Art Museum.

I am thankful for the opportunities for professional and personal development my job at the Denver Art Museum allowed. I will forever be in debt to the mentors that took me on – I could spend a lifetime learning from them. Most of all, I’m thankful for the one who finally pushed me out of the nest.
Learning to recognize when to move on is surprisingly difficult. I was comfortable, not content per se, but no longer overwhelmed. I was grasping at every chance toΒ  take on other responsibilities. I wanted more.
My beloved mentor saw my struggles for something greater, and on a hot day over iced coffee asked me: “Are you fulfilled?”
I stammered, embarrassed that I couldn’t answer such a simple question.
“It sounds like it’s time for you to move on. You deserve more. You are capable of more.”
I was, literally, dumbstruck. I teared up, sitting on the patio in the bright afternoon sun. She told me exactly what I needed to hear, she saw what I had refused to see. That night I started job searching. No joke, that weekend I was walking in my neighborhood and found the graffiti pictured above. Another clear sign.
Months passed. I sent out many cover letters. Then, finally, a bite. Four months and three rounds of interviews later, I got a job offer. And not just any offer, an offer for the job I was most excited to take. Beginning in April I’m thrilled to join the team at CUAM as Manager of Events, Marketing, Publicity and Membership. It’s a great blending of my current strengths with opportunities for continued growth. As sad as I am to close my chapter at the DAM, I am equally excited to start a new chapter at the CUAM.

Cheers to the cycle of endings and beginnings!




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