The travel bug bites again.

4 08 2014

And it leaves me endlessly itching a scratch that can’t easily be satiated.
It’s time to travel, friends.

I’m confident my recently reading the (quasi) travelogues Man Seeks God: My Flirtations With The Divine, A Cook’s Tour: In Search of The Perfect Meal, and The Sword of Heaven: A Five Continent Odyssey To Save The World  hasn’t helped this simmering need to experience the world. 

Thankfully, my husband feels it too. We’ve spent countless evenings talking through different trips: hiking Machu Picchu, trekking southern Argentina, relaxing with our toes buried in exotic Thai or French Polynesean sands, partaking in siestas and tapas in southern Spain. In the end, we couldn’t deny the draw of Asia. Our travel to Japan left us wanting more. We debating returning to Japan to explore more of the culture and country we weren’t able to see in 2012, but founds ourselves lacking full commitment. There is a lingering fear that the memories of that trip are more romantic than we realize; a fear that returning will somehow shatter those memories.

In the end we had two remaining cities at the tops of our lists: Seoul and Hong Kong. And so the planning begins.







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