Three years later – Remembering 3.11.11

10 03 2014

Anniversaries serve as a time for reflection on, and celebration of, the passage of time.

Three years ago Japan suffered a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, a massive tsunami, and a nuclear crisis which devastated a large region of east Japan.

Over 15,000 people died. Another 2,600 remain missing. Countless families were evacuated from their homes, and three years later many remain displaced.

In the face of such horror, the spirit of the Japanese people never wavered. Communities came together, cleaned up, rebuilt. Life goes on and the beauty of our humanity shines through.
On this (nearly) third anniversary of such a truly awful disaster I want to share a few stories of how good-hearted people are continuing to do wonderful acts of selflessness in the region.

This article from the Japan Times features a project to restore and scan photos found in the rubble.

This article, also from the Japan Times, features caring people who are feeding and caring for the animals abandoned in the mandatory evacuation areas around the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant.


Two years later – remembering 3.11.11

11 03 2013

I want to take a moment today to remember the 3.11.11 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster that greatly affected the eastern coast of Japan. If you follow my blog then you already know that I have a deep affinity for the country of Japan, its history, and its culture. Unfortunately, now that the international cameras are gone we seem to have forgotten just how devastating these natural (and man-made) disasters were and continue to be. There’s still work to be done and too many lives continue to be affected.

I came across this article over at the Guardian a little while back and today seems the appropriate time to share it:


My wishes for peace and good health to all in the area – may we never forget the tragedy of 3.11.11.

March 11: A moment to remember

11 03 2012

In honor of the one year anniversary of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and devastating tsunami, today’s post is inspired by the determination and incredible spirit of the Japanese people. There’s not much more to be added to the conversation, but I will say: when disaster strikes, may we all be as strong and spirited as the Japanese.

This article from The Atlantic captures the awe-inspiring recovery effort in Japan.

Otsuchi, Iwate prefecture

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